For Sale:

San Diego Solar

Sale Includes:
All rights to all associated Intellectual Property, Client Leads, Client Lists Website Code, Lead Input Field Code and all associated Domain Names

What You Get:

IP Protection
Copyright Protection
DBA Protection for San Diego County
USPTO Trademark History

Original Works
Professional Logo
Website Copy
Follow Up Templates

Proven Lead Generation Success
Google Campaign Results

Brand Name Familiarity

No negative business reviews
Only positive history with industry and community Goodwill created since 2001

You can be the owner of the premium domain name for Solar in San Diego.
There will be many interested bidders so submit your offer asap to be one of the first to be considered.

Submit An Offer - Directions:

Submit “highest and best” offers by email to
Offer submission deadline 7/10/2016 @ 5pm.

Include the following:

Subject Line: San Diego Solar Websites and IP Sale Offer; Your Name or Company Name

Your Name
Your email and phone number
Offer Price

Finalists will be requested to submit verification of funds which may be redacted of account #, transaction details, etc.
Just need personal or company name, recent date and sufficient funds to cover bid amount.
Do NOT submit a verification of funds unless requested to do so.

See Business Sale Listing at Merger Network ID#: BFS-405509

Business Brokers Welcome, 10% commission paid at close.
Commission paid only if broker information is submitted with buyer’s offer.
Send inquiries and questions to Offer submission deadline 7/10/2016 @ 5pm.

Minimum Bid (Seller's Reserve) $ 45,000